How exactly to Visit Bali’s Monkey Forest in Ubud (Updated 2020)

The most popular things you can do in Bali is definitely to go to the monkey forest in Ubud.

Once in Lopburi in Thailand, I acquired attacked by some food stealing monkeys (They snatched it right as I was placing it in my own mouth…TWICE!). I also witnessed a few monkeys pulling the hair of a Japanese tourist. When monkeys get accustomed to people they acquire aggressive.

That just appears like a recipe for disaster in the event that you talk to me!

However, everyone raved relating to this place so I made a decision to visit it within an extended walk around the region. Here’s all you need to learn with an amazing visit!

THE ANNALS of Bali’s Monkey Temple

Ubud’s Monkey Monkey Forest (Mandala Suci Wenara Wana) houses around 750 Balinese long-tailed macaques. These monkeys check out some 120,000 visitors every month, which means they happen to be well altered to people (though that does mean they know just how to obtain way with people too!).

The forest spans almost 13 hectares and features 3 temples: Prajapati Temple, Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, and Holy Planting season Temple. The temples happen to be actually Hindu temples, made around the 14th century. Each temple includes a specific purpose.

Dalem Agung Padangtegal (THE FANTASTIC Temple of Death) may be the main temple, focused on the personification of Shiva.

The Holy Planting season Temple (Pura Beji) is normally for spiritual and physical cleaning as well for purification before important religious ceremonies and events.

Pura Prajapati can be used to worship the personification of the god Prajapati. Gleam cemetery next to the temple that gets the bodies of the deceased for temporary burial. Every 5 years, a mass cremation is placed. The bodies of the deceased will come to be temporarily buried next to the temple between cremation ceremonies.

As you can plainly see, these temples play a significant role locally, both spiritually together with economically.

My Experience at Monkey Forest in Bali

The scenery in the region is beautiful, letting you meander through lush jungles and old temples. But I must say, the monkeys carry out receive quite aggressive.

To provide you with a sense of why, this is a video of my visit from back 2010:

I’ll admit, it had been pretty neat to start to see the temples overrun with monkeys. While I believe the area could possibly be better managed to stop tourists from receiving harmed (or harming the monkeys) I could start to see the appeal for visitors.

Just understand that people do receive bit or scratched every day so you’ll prefer to be sure your shots happen to be up-to-date and that you possess travel cover before you visit. Easier to be safe than sorry!

Tips for Browsing the Monkey Forest

That will help you take full advantage of your visit, here are several helpful tips you’ll prefer to consider:

  • Look out for the monkeys! — Many individuals feed the monkeys so they are accustomed to getting together with humans. This can result in trouble as some monkeys could easily get too near people. If you opt to feed them, set the food on the floor beforehand. Don’t receive too near them. I observed a monkey receive “in attack position” as of this woman and another attack the leg of another tourist.
  • Don’t generate sudden movements — Don’t work, panic, of suddenly touch base or withdraw the hands. This may frighten the monkeys and lead them to bite or scratch you.
  • Keep your valuables concealed — For those who have a phone or jewelry or other smaller sized items, retain them locked in your bag (incorporating sunglasses). The monkeys will snatch anything they are able to!
  • Don’t feed them junk — Don’t feed the monkeys things such as peanuts, bread, or snacks. Adhere to bananas.
  • Consider if you need to feed them — Bringing food in are certain to get you swarmed by monkeys. That is when you’re much more likely to acquire bit or possess the monkeys steal something, so think about whether you need to actually feed them yourself.
  • Don’t touch the monkeys — Don’t make an effort to pet or get the monkeys. You’ll acquire bit — or worse!
  • Possess insurance — Ensure you have travel cover before you visit. Since there is an initial aid clinic in the forest, it’s always easier to be safe than sorry!
  • Avoid eye contact — This will established the monkeys off and potentially cause them to attack or act aggressively. Don’t appear the monkeys in the attention.
  • Dress appropriatelly — You’re going to a sacred forest that’s important to the neighborhood community. Dress respectfully.

How exactly to Visit Bali’s Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is situated in Padangtegal, near Ubud. It’s in regards to a 15-minute drive by car from Ubud. If you’re via Kuta, be prepared to spend 1.5-2 hours each way.

The park is definitely open daily from 8:30am-6pm, with the last ticket sales offered by 5:30pm. Tickets will be 80,000 IDR for adults and 60,000 IDR for children.

To find out more you can travel to their website

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How exactly to Visit Bali’s Monkey Forest in Ubud (Updated 2020)