How to Go to Egypt on a Spending plan in 2020

Among the countries high through to my “must go to” list is normally Egypt. As a lover of record, I long release a my inner archaeologist and explore the countless ruins of the united states. While it may be quite a while before I make it happen, my pal Jeremy Scott Foster from TravelFreak features visited once or twice. In this guest content, he’ll offer you his best hints for saving money on your own next go to to Egypt!

I’ve gone to Egypt twice. On my earliest trip four years back, I solo traveled the Sinai Peninsula along the Gulf of Aqaba, stayed in shared hostels for $5 USD per night and took over night buses that cost only only a small amount. On my latest trip this past year, I traveled from the north of Egypt in Alexandria south to Cairo, and further more south along the Nile River to the border with Sudan.

And, throughout everything, I fall fond of this region where foreign perception of violence helps to keep hence many at arm’s duration.

The tourism sector in Egypt continues to be feeling pain because of the political upheaval, civil unrest, and terrorism-related actions which have marred its new history. As tourist quantities contain dwindled and competition for the tourist dollar is becoming fiercer, travel deals contain proliferated.

But what virtually all visitors miss is everything you can gain — free from crowds and for little money as well.

From the chaos of Cairo to the considerably more laid-back again vibe of Luxor, Egypt can be an ideal vacation spot for finances travelers.

1. How exactly to Save Money on Lodging

In most cases, lodging in Egypt can be relatively inexpensive. However, there are some helpful tricks that may cut down your expenditures.

Stay static in hostels rather than hotels — Commonly, you will probably look for a bed in a shared dorm place (with 4+ beds) for between $5-8 USD per night, or a comfortable non-public single room for approximately $15 USD per night. You’ll likely need to share a bath room, but at least you possess your personal privacy.

Use Hostelworld to consider the best rates. I would recommend Dahab Hostel in Cairo and Al Salam Camp in Luxor.

Employ to review prices for accommodations — If you’re seeking for cheap hotels or perhaps guesthouses found in Egypt, I would recommend checking An exclusive space in a guesthouse or resort applies to about $40 USD per night.

Rates are generally outlined per room, not really per person. So, for anyone who is journeying with a pal, you can save a lot more funds by splitting the price.

Search for accommodations that put provide a little extra — I also discovered that, coupled with lodging, it had been pretty prevalent for hosts in guesthouses to provide extras such as for example breakfast and regional tours at affordable prices. Among my amazing hosts cooked a normal scorching breakfast with tea and coffee for $1 USD. On top of that, he was a lot more than pleased to recommend some cheap local eateries and buy foodstuff.

Seem beyond the standard resort rooms for accommodation alternatives — Vrbo and HomeAway are excellent Airbnb alternatives, as they’ve been connecting spending plan travelers and homeowners because the ’90s. HomeAway is normally intended for people wanting an effective vacation rental, so that you can expect a completely furnished home to reside in which is ideal for much longer stays.

Vrbo enables you to stay static in a local’s home, but at a somewhat increased expense. You can generally find some pretty magnificent apartments beginning with $50 USD per night.

The upside is normally that you’ll possess full usage of your own kitchen, therefore you can further chop your costs by preparing in the home.

2. How exactly to Save Money on Foodstuff

Adhere to the neighborhood eats and street meals — If you need to save lots of money on food whilst travelling in Egypt, be kind to yourself and prevent the Western chain meals joints. While a cheeseburger is approximately half the cost of everything you pay in the home, it’s still more costly, less tasty, and much less adventurous than exceptional native cuisine.

Why work with a burger when you’re able to eat the virtually all delicious falafel on the globe for $1 USD?

Navigate the narrow alleyways of any bustling Cairo industry (like Khan El Khalili or Mohammed Ali Street) to search out the very best shawarma ($2 USD). Or pick up a stuffed falafel sandwich from a street vendor on the way in one ancient relic to some other ($2 USD). You can literally locate Arabic bread for 5 cents. It’s all inexpensive and incredibly filling.

And, the hummus. It’s therefore. Darn. Great.

If you’re residing at a guesthouse, it’s common practice to allow them to offer total dinners for approximately $10 USD. The simple truth is that they’re really just sourcing the meals from restaurants in a nearby and going for a cut, consequently by searching for your own food alternatives, be prepared to spend about ¼ of the purchase price.

Having said that, don’t hesitate of street meals or street vendors, particularly if the meals is cooked before you. And if there exists a crowd of locals waiting around, then it’s likely that you’re onto a very important thing.

Eat at a kosheri — A kosheri is a little, local restaurant that delivers generous portions of pasta, chickpeas, lentils, etc. typically for under $1 USD! There’s no menu, you merely choose the size of your part and you’re dished up this mishmash of deliciousness.

Cook your own dishes — As stated, preparing your own dishes whilst travelling is also an excellent money saver. In case you have usage of a kitchen, just inquire your host to stage you in direction of the nearest market. There is also the lowdown on where you can eat for cheap, therefore make the most of their local understanding!

3. How exactly to Save Money on Transport

Bargain together with your taxi driver — Generally in most Egyptian towns, taxis are a cheap and convenient method to bypass.

Right now, when I say practical, I mean they’ll help you to where you will need to go fairly quickly. But I’d be remiss easily didn’t put in a few disclaimers.

Taxi drivers could be aggressive on the highway, leaving you white-knuckled from hanging on for dear existence. I’ve under no circumstances experienced a far more heart-stopping journey when compared to a Cairo taxi trip.

Furthermore, while Cairo has metered taxis, don’t become lulled right into a false feeling of security. Meters will be notoriously unreliable or rigged, and motorists frequently “forget” to carefully turn them on. It’s among the oldest travelling scams in the publication.

The very best practice is by using an unmetered taxi and acknowledge a cost with the driver before getting back in. (Outside Cairo, virtually all taxis are unmetered, therefore no matter what, usually agree on a cost upfront.)

If you’re uncertain how much can be an acceptable cost, ask somebody at your hostel or guesthouse for a prices recommendation, and begin your bargaining at about ½ that price. Oftentimes actually they will offer you a higher estimate than is usual (it’s locals supporting locals), however the real price ought to be about ¾ of what you’ve been advised.

For longer-distance trips, selecting an automobile with a driver may be the most cost-effective alternative. The price could be the same whether you’re journeying on your own or with several four, so gather some travelling buddies and split the price.

But of training, be ready for some extreme haggling to acquire the best price. Get clear about where you intend to head out and for how very long you will require the driver. Don’t worry if negotiations breakdown, though. With regards to haggling over value, never hesitate to leave. There are numerous drivers available, so only move to the up coming one.

Take the neighborhood coach — Spending the coach between Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan may be the most popular method of transport because of this path.

If time or finances is a problem, you may take an overnight teach. By firmly taking the sleeper teach from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan, you’ll conserve a night’s worthy of of lodging in a resort. A deluxe sleeper cabin for just one is approximately $110 USD, while a two-berth cabin is $80 USD per person. Cabins happen to be secure, and fares involve an airline-style evening meal and breakfast. The meals is basic, but it’s edible.

But also for a genuine bargain, you can e book the day coach between Cairo and Luxor or Aswan for less than $10 USD. Even so, there’s one caveat: for safety causes, the Egyptian government prohibits foreigners from getting evening train tickets because of this path. Officials say the reason being only the night time trains possess armed guards in the event of a terrorist assault, but this is a remarkably rare occurrence.

It’s convenient to bypass this, though. You’ll have to book tickets on the net at (you’ll need to register a merchant account but it’s easy to accomplish) or ask your guideline, host, or perhaps driver to publication the tickets for you personally. They will most likely oblige for a little charge.

There are no reviews of ticket attendants kicking any foreigners off your day train, therefore you’ll be good. And if not really, you’re only out $10 USD.

Get the Flight Move — The fastest way to visit around Egypt is definitely by plane. Egypt Air may be the countrywide carrier and Star Alliance Member serving virtually all major domestic places. Its Flight Move is a cost-effective alternative which allows you to secure low fares for domestic flights even when you haven’t motivated your travelling dates.

All you need to do is buy a the least four flights (or credits) and select a period when you’d prefer to travel within the next 12 months. After that you can book your airline flight up to a week before departure.

On the downside, you’ll need to always fly back again to your unique departure point. That’s, rather than flying from Cairo to Luxor and Alexandria, you’ll have to fly Cairo to Luxor and back again to Cairo prior to going to Alexandria. Having said that, the Flight Pass continues to be about 30% cheaper than booking the same multi-destination flights with different airlines.

The Air travel Pass is very customizable. You can choose the amount of flights (e.g. four, which is normally two round-trip flights) for a time frame (e.g. within a month), and in addition how early on you can reserve your flights (e.g. seven days before travel). Because of this if you pick out Cairo as your origin, you can go for two round-trip flights to Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, Sharm E Sheikh, or Hurghada. Each flight is $73 USD one-approach.

But easily were to reserve a trip from Cairo to Luxor for just one week from today, that same leg would expense at least $142 USD!

You can experiment with this move. For instance, if you buy a similar move to the main one above but select “a month” for how early on you can publication, the flights become $66 USD each per one-method.

If that’s an excessive amount of an inconvenience for you personally, there are many other airlines offering inexpensive flights. In terms of finding low-priced flights on other airlines, I take advantage of Skyscanner. When you are flexible together with your dates, you can conserve to 50%. Bear in mind, though, that you may be touring at inconvenient times, just like the middle of the night time.

In the Skyscanner search bar, rather than entering specific dates, choose the “Entire Month” choice. This will highlight a calendar with fare charges for departing and returning flights for each moment of the month. This as well works for one-approach flights. However, it generally does not job for multicity flights.

4. How exactly to SPEND LESS on Tours and Tutorials

The very best money-saving tip I could offer here is in order to avoid booking on line before you get to Egypt.

If you’re a sort A traveler who requires a plan at hand before you actually arrive, you’re not likely to such as this. But online organizations charge massively inflated rates, and you may end up paying much less if you package directly with the tour business or lead locally on the floor.

Add the feel-good aspect of your cash going right to your instruction, their family, and network (and not for some middle person, firm, or large company) and you’ve acquired yourself a win-win problem.

You may want to be a bit more flexible together with your dates. But you’ll have the added benefit of to be able to negotiate (haggle, the truth is), which means overall cost savings.

Tours, private motorists, and the quintessential cruise down the Nile can all become booked locally at considerably lower prices than booking beforehand. So, when you can belly it, wait around until you obtain your shoes on the floor before booking your tours.

Guides, if you ask me, are an invaluable way to obtain local knowledge and data. They have the within scoop on the very best vantage items for photos at all of the epic landmarks. Furthermore, they’re great at coping with those persistent and oftentimes aggressive street suppliers.

The very best guides are available by requesting recommendations from various other travelers who’ve used their services, but I usually suggest my Egyptian brother, Rami.

Back 2015, on my 1st visit to Egypt, Rami and I linked by using a mutual good friend. We strike it off, and since after that, I’ve helped him to develop the little tour organization he and his family-run. It feels very good in order to help an area family in that positive approach.

He’s honest, affordable, trustworthy, incredibly communicative, very well connected, and do I point out honest? That’s among the difficult parts about traveling in locations like Egypt: when folks are selling you items, it’s hard to learn who you can trust.

But Rami is definitely my guy. Send him a contact at [email protected] and tell him Jeremy sent you (there are zero commissions here — that is only a helpful referral to a good well-deserving friend). He’ll kind you out or set you touching an individual else in your selected vacation spot.

5. How exactly to SPEND LESS on Entrance and Entrance Costs

Acquire the International Pupil Identity Card — Entrance and admission charges for virtually all monuments and sights in Egypt are place as advertised. Even so, you can get reduced tickets with a global Scholar Identity Card, including 50% off a few of Egypt’s very best museums (like the Luxor).

Get yourself a travel move — You may get a Cairo Move or a Luxor Move (multi-entrance price reduction passes) from the Ministry of Antiquities, the Egyptian Museum, or the Giza Plateau for approximately $80 USD. You’ll save about 50% off entries to over 30 sights in Cairo and Giza. You’ll find hardly any information regarding these passes online, even so, so your best wager is to just arrive at among those spots and inquire there.

Suggested Budgets for Journeying in Egypt

When you can purchase luxury resorts or exclusive tours, it’s possible to visit through Egypt on the affordable. In fact, it is simple to spend less than $30-$35 USD a working day.

The largest way to lessen costs is in which to stay dorm bedrooms or hostels. In the event that you decide on a private place or mid-range resort, you will probably use $30-40 USD more per nighttime.

Where and everything you eat also increases your daily funds. For instance, street food can be an inexpensive and filling choice for eating in Egypt. You can eat from falafel and sandwiches to shawarma and koshari noodles for less than $1 USD.

Ingesting in a cafe is more expensive, but nonetheless relatively cheap in comparison to Western countries. Dishes in a mid-range cafe commence at $4 USD, while international dishes could be around $10 USD.

Transport is another additional cost. Train travel could be cheap but is probably not the most effective choice if your time and effort is limited. So, in the event that you strategy to fly in the middle of your destinations, be prepared to add $50-$100 USD to your cover each airline flight.

Of program, your daily budget may also increase in the event that you book private manuals or splurge on souvenirs and gifts.

And keep in mind, haggling is among the most significant skills if you’re seeking to spend less in Egypt. Taxis, excursions, and other products and services can generally be bargained right down to less rate than what’s initially quoted. So, should you have a higher tolerance for haggling, your daily funds could easily get not as much.

Regardless, it’s always easier to go somewhat over budget, especially anywhere with as much must-see sights and experience as Egypt!


The main element to budget travelling in Egypt is usually to be generally very well informed also to have a very good love of life (the latter goes quite a distance when dealing with suppliers). Haggling and scammers are part of everyday travelling lifestyle in Egypt. There have become few goods and providers that can’t become bargained for.

Most of all, always, ALWAYS require and recognize on a price first of all before accepting any things or services. Most of all, don’t hesitate to politely declare no and leave.

Now it’s period to start out planning your visit to Egypt for optimum adventures at minimum expense in the territory of Pharaohs, pyramids, and wonders of the historical world. Reach it!

Jeremy may be the adventurous traveler behind TravelFreak, a website focused on helping persons create lives they will be passionate about. You can examine out his blog website to find out more or discover him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

. Some recommended hostels to remain at will be:

    Dahab Hostel (Cairo) — The areas are basic however the owner is normally friendly and helfpful and the hostel is normally in a great site.
  • Al Salam Camp (Luxor) — Great location and incredible personnel. it’s from the noise of the town a
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How to Go to Egypt on a Spending plan in 2020