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There are lots of methods to live and work overseas, from volunteering to focusing on a yacht, in a hostel, to as an au pair or instructing English, which is among the most common ways people get work overseas (at least for native English speakers).

Teaching English in Spain is probably the best ways to make a living as a traveler, reside in an incredible country, and get yourself a European visa!

How does one educate English in Spain?

Today, I wish to share Cat’s story, a 30-year-old American who fell deeply in love with Spain while learning abroad, started to work, fell deeply in love with a Spaniard, and today operates her own company there. It’s easy to move teach in Asia, but teaching in Europe could be a little harder. I needed to learn how she got began and what advice she’s for anyone seeking to educate English in Spain.

Nomadic Matt: Tell everyone about yourself. Cat: I am Cat Gaa, and I’m a recently-switched-30 lover of historical fiction, train rides, midday siestas, and all-beef hot dogs. I’m originally from Chicago by method of Michigan and Iowa but have referred to as sultry Seville, Spain, my home since graduating with a journalism degree in 2007.

How did you enter teaching? Spanish was my star subject in senior high school, so my mom was wanting to give me abroad during college. She’d put in a semester in Rome in the ’70s and built me promise to choose abroad for at least a summer to boost my language skills.

Those six weeks learning in Valladolid possessed me craving a life in Europe after graduating. After looking at work exchange programs in the united kingdom and weighing a radio job offer in Chicago, I couldn’t stop considering Spain. The study-abroad office within my university steered me toward a bilateral assistant instructing program between your U.S. and the Spanish Ministry of Education, and I swore that I’d have a position if supplied.

Five days before my college graduation, I was acknowledged to instruct English in a school somewhere in Andalucía. Even from the category of teachers, I was apprehensive but fired up.

Twelve months stretched into two, and I’m now beginning my ninth year as a TEFL professional.

Reveal about your projects experience. I spent the first 3 years as an auxiliar de conversación, or an English language assistant, at a higher school in rural Andalucía. I was given students visa, stipend, and insurance, that i could renew for three terms. I noticed quickly that teaching fit my outgoing and creative personality, therefore i decided to make an effort to stay static in Spain for a fourth year, since I got a boyfriend at that time and wished to see where in fact the relationship would move (spoiler: we got wedded in August 2015!).

Confronted with unemployment, I dispatched my CV to every school and language academy in Seville and the encompassing towns. I possessed the experience, however, not each of the qualifications no work permit. Thankfully, an exclusive bilingual school was desperate and employed me after a thorough interview (three hours, plus two teaching trials!). I spent two terms doing work as a first-grade classroom teacher. I was largely underqualified, having never crafted curriculum or handled major discipline issues, but I learned a whole lot.

Unfortunately, the pay and treatment at the private school had been horrific, therefore i began to consider doing work for an after-school language program. A pal touted her academy because of its organization and holistic method of educating — something I’d been lacking in my own previous job — and the hours were much less. I trained full-time at the academy while completing a master’s program and preserving my own blog, then was presented the Director of Studies position after four months. The 2015-16 term will end up being my third as the academic director of the institution.

Could it be no problem finding work there? What skills or degrees should you train English in Spain? As anyone who has work permission, a teaching certificate, and years of experience, I haven’t experienced any problems obtaining gainful employment as a teacher. However, because I don’t have a educating degree that’s been validated in the EU, I cannot train at a public or semiprivate school without heading back to school.

If you’re not used to educating or lack the correct credentials, it could be more difficult. A good way to really get your feet wet can be to seriously a instructing program and begin making years toward Spanish residency, or even to execute a TEFL or CELTA course.

As a result of global financial meltdown, many happen to be upping their expertise by firmly taking English courses. Because of this English language academies happen to be popping up everywhere, though most are run by individuals who don’t speak the language or aren’t teachers themselves. It has designed a language bubble, and it’s infected the sector negatively. Schools that don’t need experience or certification tend significantly less than professional, and you run the chance of being rooked.

Normally, EU countries have a tendency to search for other EU citizens first. As an American, does you get that to come to be true, or will there be enough demand where they look beyond your EU for teachers? It’s true that lots of schools don’t desire to risk employing someone without papers — fines could be up to €30,000! — and would prefer to hire a European for this reason. But, native-speaker teachers certainly are a must for parents in Spain, if you have encounter, you have a go of being hired beneath the table for cash.

Obtaining work permission in Spain from a school is definitely difficult because for legal reasons the employer must post the positioning in a public forum, referred to as the bolsa de empleo, for three weeks to demonstrate you’re the most experienced for that position. After the three weeks will be up, the probably scenario can be that you’ll need to return to your house country for 3-4 months to process the visa.

What’s real life in Spain? Phenomenal. Fun. Vibrant. Demanding. What stands out if you ask me the most is normally how regular my entire life feels in Spain given that I’m set up, fluent in español, and also have a job. I understand how to perform more adult things in Spain than in america because I’ve resided my grown-up life in Seville! The largest difference can be that I do everything in Spanish.

I’ve I-hate-Spain days more regularly than you’d imagine (mostly because of long lines, bureaucracy, and the haughty attitude of sevillanos), however the quality of life here’s far better than in america. I relish in riding my bike to work and purchasing cheap produce, and also the local culture and the accessibility of travel.

My first couple of months in Spain had been extremely shaky, though. I was fighting the language, and my confidence disappeared. I possibly could barely build up enough courage to call and order a pizza, aside from open a bank-account or make an application for my residency card. I also experienced nobody to vent to about my feelings and frequently sensed alone. Calls home have nothing to create me come to feel better, though I never once deemed heading home.

I don’t come to feel homesick any longer. Spanish cities have grown to be increasingly international, so when I want an English resolve, I could call up a pal for coffee, visit a flick in its original version, and even purchase ingredients for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My advice is usually to be available to an immersion experience that also contains speakers of your language. Search for groups like Internations or informal language exchanges, known as intercambios.

What advice have you got for anyone seeking to train English in Spain? Arriving at Spain to discover work with out a visa or on a educating program is a remedy for most, but long-term it could harm your chances for residency. There are various ways to legally arrive to Spain, so research your facts!

When you have an avenue, acquire the certification. A CELTA can be more highly regarded when compared to a TEFL degree because it’s more rigorous, but personality counts for me personally, aswell. I am in charge of employing teachers for my language school, so experience and adaptability are essential. Madrid and smaller villages with fewer English speakers have significantly more opportunities for teachers.

After snagging employment, understand that there’s a three-month test period, so don’t rest on your own laurels! Make sure to appreciate your contract in regards to to salary, vacation time, and unemployment in order that there aren’t any issues with your employer.

How will one get yourself a job teaching in the event that you aren’t in Spain? How will you find schools? What carry out you search for? Really walk us through the nitty-gritty! List any resources that happen to be good too!

Start season for English instructing jobs is certainly always on, but most schools can do nearly all their employing from April to June and September to early October. There is usually a dependence on another teacher to defend myself against hours at other times of the entire year, namely January.

Most schools will require a CV, a resume cover letter, a recently available photo of you and two references. When you have everything well prepared, you can distribute blind applications to look at who’ll bite. If you’re still home, also put in a projected date for when you’ll maintain Spain.

Don’t anticipate a contact back if you’re not decided on for an interview. In the event that you haven’t been told from a school, politely follow-up to request an interview. Talk up any experience you own; if you haven’t educated before, exhibit your eagerness to understand as well as your flexibility — they are two attributes I search for in new teachers.

You can get schools through Google most easily, and tips about sites like, Expatforum, and Facebook groups. Search for schools with a well-designed website and a solid reputation (newer schools have a tendency to pay lower salaries and so are more disorganized).

What scams or issues should teachers consider? Scams aren’t a problem in schools in Spain, though should you have the proper to work legally, ensure that you reading your contract carefully. Actually, make sure you possess a contract to begin with, and one which covers your wellbeing insurance as well as your vacation.

Spanish companies reserve the proper to fire you within 3 months of your contract begin date if indeed they deem you unfit for the work, offering no reason no severance package. In the event that you help to make it to the finish of your contract, though, you will get a bonus known as a finiquito. This will likewise incorporate any vacation days which have not been used.

Never purchase a posture unless it’s with an established company (such as for example CIEE Teach in Spain) or a TEFL institute! I’ve heard about companies that recruit people beneath the pretense that they need to shell out part of their salary back again to the top hunter. Given the amount of jobs available, it’s better to stay away from those.

I’d also increase be assertive together with your employer. I hear of several unhappy teachers whose employers keep these things take on more time outside their contract to fulfill customers. In the event that you feel uncomfortable, understand that your employer desires you more than you will need them (and I declare this as somebody who functions a language school!).

Why do you consider teaching is an effective option for people seeking to reside in Spain? Not everyone who has arrive to Spain to instruct has liked their job, but think about this: you have employment working with teenagers with an incredible schedule and ample days off. Your students will need to you, whatever. You can reside in a country that’s beautiful, inexpensive for Western Europe, and filled with what to see and carry out on your own long weekends.

Teaching English in Spain likely won’t cushion your money, the united states is more familiar than, declare, Southeast Asia, and it’s almost such as a soft landing. I consider Spain an excellent place for TEFL teachers to obtain feet wet before going elsewhere. This is an evergrowing sector and there are a great number of opportunities for employment.

For someone seeking to live and work in Spain (generally, not specific to educating), what exactly are three bits of advice you would provide them with? In dealing with people interested in shifting to Spain for several reasons, I’ve pointed out that many appear to believe that they can just arrive and work things out once they’re on the floor. While that is a viable option for a few, it limits your movement around Europe and may hinder your visa options later on. Research the many types of visas for Spain at your nearest consulate’s website, and you’ll be astonished that you likely be eligible for many.

That gives me to the idea of arriving legally. While there will be methods to come illegally, locate work, and finally get residency, the guidelines are strict, and with out a legal contract, you aren’t experienced for public healthcare or unemployment, nor can you gain days toward your pension and retirement. If it’s a risk you’re ready to take, then do it now — just understand that the foreigner’s office can disqualify you for several types of visas that way.

Finally, understand that Spain differs. I locate that those that come and keep quickly will be the ones who complain that there is nothing like their house country. I have more information on annoyances in Spain, but if you can find at night weird banking hours, the long lines everywhere, and the late nights, you’ll locate that Spain could be a fun spot to live and work.

Cat Gaa blogs about life in Seville, Spain, and all that should go along with it at her blog Sunshines and Siestas — locate her there to check out her journey instructing and surviving in Seville.

And, for anyone who is interested in learning to be a teacher, make sure you have a look at my book, How exactly to Teach English Overseas, which lays out how to be an English teacher, how exactly to apply for jobs, reduces country by country information, and in addition features interviews with other teachers and job recruiters! You don’t have to be stressed or overwhelmed concerning this process. This book teaches you obtaining a teaching job is simpler than you imagine!

Be another Success Story Among my favorite parts concerning this job is usually hearing people’s travel stories. They inspire me, but moreover, they also motivate you. I travel a particular way, but there are numerous methods to fund your trips and travel the world, and I am hoping these stories demonstrate that there is several way to visit and that it’s within your grasp to attain your travel goals. Listed below are more examples of individuals who discovered work overseas to invest in their trips:

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Book Your Visit to Spain: Logistical Guidelines

Book Your Flight Look for a cheap flight through the use of Skyscanner or Momondo. They will be my two favorite se’s because they search websites and airlines around the world so you always understand no stone is remaining unturned.

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  • Kabul (Barcelona) — This is Barcelona’s first hostel and it’s well-known for its huge parties. If you wish to meet up people and party hard, it is the spot to stay!
  • The Hat Hostel (Madrid) — This boutique hostel has free Wi-Fi, AC, plus they provide a great breakfast (for a little fee). It’s in an excellent location and the staff is excellent too!
  • Red Nest Hostel (Valencia) — That is an excellent social hostel and is an excellent spot to stay if you’re journeying solo. It’s also in an excellent location.

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