How to Go to the Philippines on a Finances in 2020: Prices, Guidelines, & More!

Today’s guest post originates from Will Hatton from The Broke Backpacker. He’s an adventurer and position independent entrepreneur who features spent a lot of amount of time in the Philippines.

Sadly, I’ve only gone to the Philippines once and it had been just for an extremely short period of period. But it’s such an excellent place that I wish to feature even more on this site therefore i invited Will to talk about his encounters on how best to travel the united states on a spending budget.

The Philippines is among the most incredible spending budget travel destinations on the planet due to its ideal white-sand beaches, enchanting seas, mesmerizing sunsets, friendly locals, and calm, tropical vibes.

I’ve been fortunate to visit through the Philippines multiple occasions and also have spent nearly half a year exploring this phenomenal corner of the globe. The country offers everything, from towering volcanoes and pristine coral reefs to lush jungles, underground rivers, mammoth caves, plus some of the very most enchanting waterfalls on the planet. You can snorkel around WWII wrecks, camp out in the jungle, and mind deep within the planet earth through limestone cave systems.

And, along with everything, The Philippines is usually ridiculously affordable!

Rum is cheaper than most carbonated drinks, and delicious Filipino foods like lumpias (fried planting season rolls) or pancit (fried noodles), or halo-halo dessert (ice shavings, condensed milk, tiny chunks of sweet boiled kidney beans, coconut gel, and tapioca) tend to be significantly less than a dollar. You can sleep in a hammock for under five dollars a nighttime in lots of hostels (or free of charge if you simply create on the seashore).

The Philippines is usually a nation you can travelling on for less than $20 USD a day time if you’re carrying it out on a broke-backpacker spending budget — and it’s possible to visit much cheaper than that in the event that you really drive it by hitchhiking and camping. Obviously, your spending budget can balloon, particularly if you’re residing at luxurious beachfront resorts, eating dinner out at extravagant restaurants, and taking pricey tours.

Below are a few typical charges for backpacking the Philippines in 2018:

  • Dorm bed in a hostel: $5-7 USD per nighttime
  • People ferry drive: $4-6 USD per drive
  • Jeepney drive: 20-50 cents
  • Street food: $1-3 USD
  • Cafe meals: $4-6 USD
  • Long-distance bus: $8-10 USD
  • Domestic trip: $40-70 USD
  • Localized beer: $1-2 USD
  • 1.5L bottle of water: 75 cents
  • Island-hopping: $14-25 USD
  • Diving with whale sharks: $25 USD

Accommodation — Posh backpacker hostels could be pretty expensive on the Philippines, environment you back just as much as $18 a night time for a dorm bed. Luckily, there’s a lot of budget accommodation obtainable once you will be out of Manila; for instance, you could find dorm beds for less than $5 a night time in Palawan. Many hostels consist of patchy Wi-Fi and air-con. Regional guesthouses and shacks on the seaside are even cheaper than hostels; you will often rating a shack for $2 a nighttime.

Drink and food — Street food can cost less than $1 for a bowl of tasty mystery meat. If you opt to eat in tourist-centric restaurants, prices will be bigger with meals costing between $5 — $20 generally in most tourist-aimed restaurants. In Manila and various other posh elements of the Philippines, you can end up spending a whole lot on drink and food, especially on a particular date, so make an effort to pregame (drink some beers on the road) before moving out for a evening out. A coconut, for that inevitable hangover, will definitely cost significantly less than a dollar.

Transport — Flights can easily eat into your price range, so it’s better to stay to ferries when you are long promptly but short on income. There are pretty respectable long-distance buses jogging across a number of the greater islands, such as for example Luzon, but inevitably you’ll end through to a ferry… It’s basically the only way to access lots of the islands.

Actions — The Philippines is among the cheapest places on the planet to understand to dive; a dive can cost you less than $25 occasionally. Snorkeling is actually cheaper; you can retain the services of snorkeling gear for $3-5 a pop on various beaches.

Just how much it costs to visit in The Philippines actually depends upon your travel design and where you move. Manila (specifically) and Boracay are a lot more expensive than other areas of The Philippines as soon as you are out of your tourist hot-spots it’s not too difficult to thrive on a spending plan of $35 a evening.

$35 a evening will allow you to stay in a respectable shared bedroom if you’re splitting the price with a pal or a comfortable dorm in a neat hostel if you’re by yourself. You’ll have lots left over to consume in decent restaurants 3 x a day, bypass by Uber and drink some beers at night.

You can go substantial or less than that based on how low-cost (or expensive) you need to get together with your accommodation, just how much you drink, and just how many Western meals you take in.

How exactly to CUT COSTS in the Philippines

The united states is already super inexpensive to visit but that doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to cut your bills even more without sacrificing an excessive amount of comfort or local activities.

Stick with locals — Couchsurfing is quite common in the Philippines, and it’s a terrific way to meet persons and save well on accommodation costs. In the event that you don’t extravagant Couchsurfing, stay at a locally operate guesthouse; they are generally cheaper than hostels.

Look out for Oxygen Asia sales — Air Asia is probably the cheapest airlines servicing The Philippines and features fairly frequent sales where one can snap up cheaper than normal fares — it’s worthy of registering to the Surroundings Asia newsletter to end up being kept informed on these to be able to pre-book all your inner Philippines flights the next time there is a sales.

Buddy up — Almost all of the best actions are a great deal cheaper when you can get yourself a group mutually to split the price.

Hitchhike — Hitchhiking can be pretty common in the Philippines and an excellent way to meet up new persons, have an experience, and stretch your budget simultaneously. Hitchhiking does bring a particular degree of risk atlanta divorce attorneys country but, for me, The Philippines is among the safer countries on the planet to stand out your thumb. The big risk is usually drunk drivers if you think someone has already established a few way too many, don’t receive in the automobile with them. ( Matt says: I don’t know plenty of about the Philippines to state if that is also best for women too. Probably some with encounter can comment!)

Adhere to food locals eat — There are many tourist-trap restaurants that have become costly. Avoid these and adhere to the locals — they understand where the cost effective and tastiest food is usually! I like to inquire hostel and guesthouse personnel where they themselves prefer to eat — that is a terrific way to discover hole in the wall structure restaurants targeted at regional Filipinos with cheap prices.

Camp — If you’re actually on a spending budget, I recommend acquiring a tent; there are many epic areas to camp, and nobody will head. You can camp free of charge on various beaches in The Philippines and a lot of hostels will as well let you pitch within their garden when they possess one if you’re ordering drinks at their bar.

Standard Travel Guidelines for the Philippines

Avoid Manila — Manila hasn’t got many to offer apart from traffic, scams, pollution, poverty, pricey hotels, and midget wrestling. Your time and effort in the Philippines is way better put in elsewhere.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to totally avoid Manila, because so many flights around proceed through it. Even so, you can steer clear of scams while stopping over in Manila. The primary scam concerns transport to another terminal in the airport so when departing the airport.

For those who have arrived at a specific terminal but fly out of another, utilize the free of charge shuttle bus that runs through the entire airport.

There will be no metered taxis in the arrivals section, just private transfers. That’s where nearly all travelers get cheated, as they jump right into a car without pondering, overlooking the exchange fee and just how much it will actually expense. It’s the Philippines, hence it’s likely to be cheap, best suited? Wrong. When I primary found its way to the Philippines, I almost ended up having to pay $50 USD for an exclusive transfer to my hostel in downtown Manila! Thankfully, I recognized the exchange charge and how ridiculous that was therefore i didn’t employ that taxi and rather trapped a metered taxi.

If you’re looking to get downtown, take a general public metered taxi on the departure level rather. The lines are often quite long, however they tend to go quickly, as you will find loads of cabs in Manila. Just ensure that you consider peak-hour traffic. Manila is among the most congested metropolitan areas on the planet; sometimes a ten-minute trip may take up to two time. So avoid the 5pm-10pm crazy hurry hour(s) and plan consequently.

Anticipate your flights to come to be delayed — I took about seven domestic flights rather than one of these was promptly. The weather could be a tad unforeseeable, specifically during typhoon season. Hence expect delays and canceled or postponed flights in the wet time, which is normally from May to October.

Bring sunscreen — Sunscreen is normally 3 x more costly in the Philippines as locals don’t use it, therefore they demand an arm and a leg to tourists who desperately want some protection from sunlight.

“What perform you mean the ATM has gone out of cash?” — My thoughts exactly. You ought to have seen the appearance on my encounter when I found its way to El Nido without funds and couldn’t get income out. I got to wait two times until they restocked the ATM equipment, and the range was big! Apparently, it’s quite usual for it to perform out of funds, as it’s the only person around in this favorite tourist vacation spot. Moral of the account: always carry some extra USD or PHP with you in the event the ATMs go out of funds or you search for a small village, like Port Barton, where there happen to be no ATMs.

Wi-Fi connections happen to be limited — Wi-Fi in the Philippines is comparable to selecting a needle in a haystack. Your it’s likely that pretty damn slim, particularly if it’s raining. In the event that you rely on the web, the Philippines is a nice getaway for you personally — away from the internet. What internet is obtainable, moreover, is usually slow and sporadic. If you’re visiting remote places, don’t depend on being linked at all. Your very best bet is to get pocket Wi-Fi — the very best provider I came across was World.

Move away from the tourist crowds — In the event that you really want a geniune Philippines experience, venture from the typical tourist areas and backpacker meccas. Getaway hotspots like Boracay and El Nido are perfect, but it’s the fewer touristy areas like Sagada, Port Barton, and Siargao that provide you a glimpse of actual Filipino tradition, traditions, and means of existence.

Make use of Uber — Uber has arrive to the Philippines and is usually a very much cheaper way to bypass cities than by taxi! Generally, an Uber can cost you 30% less than getting a taxi.

Bring a portable battery — When you head from tourist hotspots and main population centers, you might struggle to find dependable electricity. In case you are trekking in Sagada or Kalinga, it’s really worth getting a portable battery charger to maintain your telephone and camera billed up!


The Philippines continues to be among Southeast Asia’s best-held secrets and several backpackers don’t generate it here. My amount of time in the Philippines was genuinely memorable, I achieved a whole lot of incredible persons, was blessed with a Kalinga tattoo by a full time income legend and acquired my first genuine experience snorkeling. I am hoping to return to the epic land soon and try the great seas, with rum materials aplenty, to explore isolated islands by boat. The Philippines is definitely my favorite country in every of Southeast Asia. Make it happen before the secret has gone out and the backpacker hordes descend!

Adventurer and vagabond, entrepreneur, and hustler, Will offers been backpacking all over the world for ten years and loves to explore really wild places. He sites about budget travel and on the web entrepreneurship at The Broke Backpacker and likes a cheeky smoke, an excellent book, and an ideal sunset to round off your day.

Book Your Visit to the Philippines: Logistical Guidelines

Book Your Air travel Look for a cheap flight through the use of Skyscanner or Momondo. They happen to be my two favorite se’s, because they search websites and airlines around the world, so you definitely know no stone has been still left unturned.

Book Your Lodging You can reserve your hostel with Hostelworld. If you need to stay somewhere apart from a hostel, employ, since it consistently returns the least expensive prices for guesthouses and cheap resorts. I take advantage of it all enough time. Some very nice budget-friendly places to remain happen to be:

  • Mad Monkey (Boracay) — That is a wild get together hostel with a pool area, daily parties, and a lot of nightly actions to keep you active. If you wish to get together and meet persons, it is the place!
  • Manila-Z-Hostel (Manila) — That is an excellent hsotel for meeting persons as they have plenty of prevalent space on the rooftop and balcony. In addition they host lots of happenings, making it an excellent public hostel.

Don’t Ignore Travel Insurance Travel cover will defend you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s detailed protection in the event anything runs wrong. I never embark on a trip without it, as I’ve had to utilize it many times during the past. I’ve been using Environment Nomads for a decade. My favorite companies offering the very best service and benefit happen to be:

Looking to discover the best companies to save funds with? Have a look at my resource page to find the best corporations to work with when you travelling! I list all of the ones I take advantage of — and I believe

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How to Go to the Philippines on a Finances in 2020: Prices, Guidelines, & More!