How to Check out Borobudur in Indonesia (Up to date 2020)

Borobudur can be an 9th-century Buddhist monument in Indonesia. It’s truly the biggest Buddhist temple on the planet! The ancient complex includes six square systems topped by three circular systems decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.

It’s substantial!

I’ve been fascinated with this place since I found out about it on National Geographic. I’ve read books about Borobudur and watched Television set programs onto it. I recognized I had to check out this place before I passed away.

And fortunately, I did so!

If you’re likely to come to be backpacking Indonesia, make sure you add a go to to Borobudur to your itinerary. It’s a one-of-a-kind monument worthwhile a go to.

That will help you maximize out of your go to, here’s my comprehensive lead to browsing Borobudur!

THE ANNALS of Borobudur

This complete 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist sophisticated is actually a huge allegory for enlightenment. It had been constructed under the guideline of the Sailendra Dynasty, finally staying abandoned in the 14th century as the spot slowly began to convert to Islam.

There is absolutely no record of the sophisticated being made, though it was very likely founded around the entire year 800 CE.

The temple was neglected and finally buried under jungle and volcanic ash. In the 19th century, when the British ruled the spot, it had been rediscovered. In 1814, with 200 guys, Lieutenant Governor-Standard Thomas Stamford Raffles decrease the encompassing trees to reveal the temple sophisticated. Since that time, it’s been an evergrowing tourist pull for the spot.

Browsing the temple, you’ll check out that the voyage begins at the bottom of the temple and comes after a course through the three degrees of Buddhist cosmology, namely Kamadhatu (the environment of desire), Rupadhatu (the world of varieties), and Arupadhatu (the environment of formlessness).

The Buddhist pilgrim starts in the bottom and movements up when they possess deciphered each relief. Each relief clarifies a educating of the Buddha, so when you number it out, you maneuver on to the subsequent. They progressively acquire harder, and by enough time you end the previous one, you are at the top and — theoretically — enlightened.

Ideas for Going to Borobudur

To assist you take full advantage of your check out, below are a few travel tips for going to Borobudur:

  • Arrive early — This place are certain to get crowded quickly. Arrive early on to beat the crowd (either by performing a sunrise tour or by arriving before 6am to hold back for the gates to available).
  • Avoid the weekend — The crowds listed below are major on the weekends. Make an effort to visit through the week to beat the tourist hurry.
  • Dress comfortably — Dress appropriately but likewise comfortably as you’re likely to be on your own feet for some time as your explore.
  • Bring water — This temple is large, so when you element in a bus drive you’re likely to acquire thirsty. Bring water and snacks.
  • Stay close by — It’s a 90-minute travel from Yogyakarta. If you need to arrive here early on and beat the crowds, stay closer. It won’t be as low-cost but you’ll have the ability to have a more pleasurable check out.

Going to Borobudur: Logistics

The website is available to the general public from 6am to 5pm daily. Ticket will be $25 USD per person for adults and $15 USD for kids aged 3-10 (youngsters under 3 enter no cost).

A blended ticket for Borobudur in addition to the Prambanan temples will definitely cost $45 USD per person ($27 for youngsters).

Gleam daily Borobudur Sunrise Tour for $35 USD. It is the tour where you could snap those Insta-worthy pictures of the temple at dawn (start to see the top image on this content for an exmaple!).

You’ll get yourself a flashlight and a good start up to the temple gate at 4:30am, just with time to start to see the sunrise and explore the website prior to the tourist crowd arrives. To achieve the virtually all out of your go to, consider hiring helpful information who can make clear the reliefs in order to figure out the temple a tad better.

And in addition, This site may be the most preferred tourist attraction in Indonesia. The most frequent way to arrive here is via open public bus to Borobudur from Yogyakarta, however, that is aimed usually at Indonesian tourists and just a few travelers venture aboard.

When you are sense adventurous though, the Trans-Jogya service works from central Yogyakarta to the Jombor bus terminal in northern Yogyakarta where you could change to some other bus to access Borobudur. The bus will definitely cost significantly less than $1 USD.

For a deal, travel companies in Yogyakarta likewise sell door-to-door minibus tour packages for about $6 USD, that is a great deal and the simplest way to access and from the monument.

Going to Borobudur: FAQ

What must i have on to the Borobudur temple? You’ll want to costume respectfully and conservatively, as that is a religious intricate. Wear loose-fitting garments that addresses your shoulders and knees. I’d suggest you have on pants as the measures leading to the very best of the temple will be high and not suitable for shorts or skirts. Likewise, have on comfortable footwear since you’ll come to be on your feet for some time. Watching the sunrise near the top of the temple could be cool, specifically in winter, hence bring a light coat or sweater.

What’s the Borobudur temple manufactured from? The temple is constructed of stone and includes nine stacked systems, six squares, and three circular systems that happen to be topped by a dome.

How do you reach Borobudur? You may take the general public bus from Yogyakarta for under $1 USD or have a minibus for about $6 USD. The voyage will need between 60-90 a few minutes.

Just how much is the entrance cost to Borobudur? Admission is $25 USD for adults.

Can be Borobudur the biggest Buddhist temple on earth? Yep! It’s an enormous temple complex and also got 75 years to build!


Borobudur is probably the most amazing traditional sites on earth, and also the most exceptional. I’m fascinated with it. A whole lot of travelers go to Indonesia and stick to Bali, but in the event that you make the right path off Bali and into Java, make sure you visit this web site. You won’t get disappointed.

Book Your Visit to Indonesia: Logistical Guidelines

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How to Check out Borobudur in Indonesia (Up to date 2020)