How to Travelling Around Namibia on a Price range

Welcome to the most recent post inside our Africa column by Natasha and Cameron from The Universe Pursuit. While I’ve gone to the continent previously, I’ve only viewed a few countries thus I’m super duper thrilled to have both of these travelers share their understanding of touring the continent. This month they will be sharing how to travelling around Namibia, among my best five countries on the globe, on a spending plan!

As steam rose from the tarmac and mirages provided themselves in the considerably length, our truck’s engine practically boiled over. We drove through empty Namib Desert in 40°C (104°F) heat with the windows down and heat on total blast to neat it off. Vacationing around a sparsely populated desert region in Africa presents its challenges!

Despite our desert adventures, we treasured vacationing around Namibia and believe it’s an excellent African vacation spot to explore, specifically for first-period travelers to the continent. We observed sunlight rise over the biggest sand dunes on the globe in Sossusvlei and paid attention to thousands of seals offer birth at the Cape Cross Seal Colony. Only driving around the united states without seeing an individual other person all night made us feel like we had been on another world.

Namibia is a particular place that many on the globe have never possibly heard of. In comparison to South Africa, it’s much less visited by visitors, especially those traveling by themselves rather than on a tour. But we identified the country easy to go to and inexpensive.

Where did we move?

We entered southern Namibia, as we were touring north from Cape Area , and exited via the Caprivi Strip into Botswana. This is actually the path we adopted.

Fish River Canyon — Luderitz — Aus — Kalahari — Namibrand Nature Reserve — Sossusvlei — Walvis Bay — Swakopmund — Skeleton Coastline — Spitzkoppe — Etosha National Recreation area — Caprivi Strip

This path took us per month to full, with virtually all stops taking on 3-4 times of our period. We wanted a soothing holiday, but in the event that you move fast and so are short on period, you can easily execute a Namibian street trip such as this in 15-20 times.

We made a decision to skip Windhoek, as there wasn’t many in the administrative centre city we had been dying to see. Because of insufficient time, we as well skipped the northwestern Kunene place, which is where in fact the Himba persons live. For all those wanting to happen to be this the main country, the only method to get there has been a fully equipped car or truck or a tour. The spot is isolated, which means you must be completely capable of sometimes out of any circumstances and fill up with water and food.

Just how much does it expense to visit around Namibia?

Namibia is probably the cheapest countries in Africa. It uses the Namibian dollar (NAD), which is normally 1:1 with the South African rand, and all rates are about on par with South Africa . Based on your chosen approach to transport and lodging preference, Namibia can simply be achieved on a finances.

We averaged about $45 USD (600 NAD) a working day per person for campsites, food, beer, and transport, with most that likely to fuel (our Terrain Cruiser was thirsty — 6km per liter/14 kilometers per gallon — and distances will be extended).

Below are a few average rates:

  • Campsite — $6 (80 NAD) per person per evening
  • Dorm bed — $8 (100 NAD) per person per evening
  • Private double area — $45-$60 (600-750 NAD) per night
  • National recreation area costs — $6 (80 NAD)
  • Petrol — $0.80 (10 NAD) per liter
  • A cook-your-own-pasta food from the supermarket — $2.50 (30 NAD)
  • Salad from a café — $4 (55 NAD)
  • Bottle of Windhoek beer — $1.10 (15 NAD)
  • Sit down elsewhere — $2 (25 NAD)

If you were residing in dorm beds, taking the train, and preparing food all of your own meals, you can get by on a spending plan of $20-30 a day. Even so, if you wish to camp and receive outside the main places, you need to have a tour or possess your own vehicle, that will up your costs to about $45 (to self-get with four passengers) to $90 (for a tour) a evening.

Getting around Namibia

Bus There is absolutely no official open public bus program in Namibia, but there are native buses that connect the vast majority of the important towns and locations.

The most dependable bus alternative in Namibia may be the Intercape bus assistance. They are usually in good shape and safe, and also provide air-con. Intercape buses usually do not run each day and don’t possess various stops, so it’s vital that you consider the website because of their routes and timetable.

Prices vary in line with the length traveled: a bus from Windhoek to Livingstone, Zambia, costs approximately $50 USD based on the exchange price, while a bus to Springbok, South Africa, from Windhoek costs $31 USD.

Local rental Car

This is actually the most popular type of touring in Namibia. The local rental truck market in Windhoek, the administrative centre, is usually booming! With wide-open up desert roads, towering sand dunes, no one around, a street trip in Namibia may be the perfect strategy to use exploring.

Prices for accommodations truck stocked with all you need for camping and a pop-up tent vary based on the time of year. In low time (January-July), you can grab a two-person Hilux for $75 USD a evening; in the high time (July-December), it will choose around $130 USD a day. The more great features you increase to your local rental, the bigger the cost gets. Whenever we previous visited in November, the complete country was sold-out of local rental trucks in that which was typically the shoulder time, so it is remarkably advised to book beforehand.

Overland Tour We discussed overland tours previously. You will find a really wide variety of ways that that can be done a tour in Namibia. The lowest priced option is to choose with among the various overland tour corporations such as for example Oasis, Nomad, Acacia, or Intrepid.

Tours are excellent for solo travelers seeking to meet people, and in addition for those that are looking maximum fun with reduced planning work. Overland tours in Namibia commence at typically $87 USD per person each day. These tours covers all transportation within Namibia, actions, camping, and most foods.

Train The TransNamib passenger train would make just a few stops, but it certainly supplies interesting views of the desert nation out the window. Trains generally operate at night, thus if you intend to utilize the train you ought to be ready to sleep in a first-class seat or overall economy reclining seat. There will be no sleeping cabins apart from the Keetmanshoop-Windhoek coach. Tickets range between $6 to $15 USD for market and business-class seats, respectively.

The Desert Exhibit is another train provider geared toward extra the luxury-minded tourist, with rates beginning at $230 USD per ticket.

Hitchhiking There appears to be an increasing amount of vagabonds in Africa who are receiving themselves into dangerous conditions and counting on strangers to bail them out. We’d not advocate hitchhiking in Namibia, as the populace is normally sparse and it may be hours between moving cars.

Hints for vacationing in Namibia

Vacationing around Namibia is rather straightforward. Listed below are ten ideas to take into account for your trip there.

  • Understand how to transformation a tire — Namibian roads have become rough on autos. They happen to be badly corrugated and dry and dusty. Be sure to know how to modification a tire just in case you get a toned or else you will be waiting on the highway for a few time.
  • Avoid night time traveling — Whether self-traveling, on an overland tour, or taking buses, we’d advise against any type of night time driving. There will be no streetlights on Namibian roads, and cattle roam openly on them.
  • Don’t depend on the web — We found the Wi-Fi in Namibia to become passable at greatest, and even though you grab a SIM cards, don’t anticipate it to function anywhere however in the towns and towns. A lot of the country is usually empty desert where presently there are no cellular phone towers.
  • Stay complete and hydrated — Regardless of what kind of transportation you utilize, it’s important to fill up on water and food, although Western-style supermarkets are available in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Luderitz, and other fairly large towns.
  • ATMs can only just be within main towns and towns — It is possible to withdraw profit Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, and Luderitz, but we’d be wary about having the ability to in other areas. Help to make sure to have sufficient dollars on you to get to your next major vacation spot, as bank cards aren’t generally accepted. Almost all areas in Namibia agree to the South African rand aswell.
  • Prebook in the high season — Namibia’s high period runs from mid-Might to mid-November, so we’d recommend booking your lodging for these months in advance. Even the campsites reserve up with overlanders. We visited in November and ran into problems several times with hotels coming to capability.
  • Remain safe — Namibia is among the safest countries in Africa. However, it really is nonetheless a developing country, and common sense ought to be utilized, specifically in the administrative centre of Windhoek, which lately has seen a growth in crime. Don’t exhibit signs of wealth, employ vigilance during the night, and all ought to be OK.
  • Namibian national parks are cost-effective — We discovered that Namibia has a number of the cheapest countrywide parks in Africa. Etosha National Recreation area, for example, may be the largest and quickly best park in the united states, with entrance costs costing less than 80 NAD ($6 USD)! The wildlife spottings happen to be amazing in the dry time of year aswell.
  • Look after your electronics — The desert heat is no laughing matter, and neither may be the sand. Cameras, laptops, and even cellphones ought to be very well guarded from the dry air flow and dust that may easily find its approach in to the tiny crevices of your valuables.

When persons ask us what region they should check out in Africa, Namibia is definitely always near the top of our list. There is merely something about discovering the stars twinkle in the desert evening with out a soul around.

Despite the fact that we had per month in the united states, we still felt we’re able to have delved method deeper in to the remote parts and explored even more. The country is huge and has so various interesting things to present, we can’t wait around to come back!

Natasha and Cameron run your blog The World Pursuit , concentrating on experience and cultural travel. Each of them fulfilled in the film market before they made a decision to abandon the American life-style and travel the universe jointly. They’ve been traveling jointly for 3 years across 55 countries and six continents. They just lately bought a 4×4 at the end of Africa and so are traversing the continent while documenting their report on Instagram and Facebook .

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How to Travelling Around Namibia on a Price range