How exactly to Overcome Your Travel Fears in 7 SIMPLE ACTIONS

Fear. It’s what often keeps us from living our lives and achieving our dreams.

In fact it is probably the most common explanations why people don’t travel.

Whenever I speak to people about long-term travel, so many tell me they wish they could do what I really do. They tell me almost all their travel dreams and grand plans when asked why they don’t pursue them, they think of a plethora of excuses:

They fear not having the capacity to spend the money for trip. They fear they have way too many responsibilities in the home. They fear they won’t manage to make friends on the highway. They fear devoid of the capability to handle it. They fear something may happen to them.

With all that fear, it’s easier to stay in the home inside our comfort zones than to use and travel.

It’s a big thing to come out your door, from your back-up, and in to the known.

You really should but the devil you understand is always much better than the devil you don’t.

Yes, travel is a privilege and there are real cash conditions that keep people in the home.

But just about the most common emails I get is from people asking about “the mental issues” of travel. “The mindset stuff.” Do they quit their job and do it now? Are they in the proper stage of life? Will everything be OK if indeed they leave? Will they get yourself a job if they return?

These emails are peppered with nervous excitement over travel’s endless possibilities, but addititionally there is always one underlying tone to the emails: “Matt, I would like to go, but I’m also afraid and I’m uncertain how to proceed.”

Even though many people claim “real life responsibilities” are the reason behind not traveling, I believe concern with the unknown is actually what holds people back many people back. When you remove your fears and decide “Yes, I’m likely to do that!”, you begin to find methods to scrape, save, find work, and do whatever it really is that gets you on the highway.

You feel a person on a mission. You feel driven. Nothing are certain to get in the right path.

But first, you have to overcome any fear you may have. I was on a podcast recently discussing this subject therefore it has come to the forefront of my mind again. Here’s my advice on coping with fear:

You aren’t the first person to visit abroad. Among the things that comforted me when I began traveling was realizing that lots of other folks traveled the world before me and finished up just fine. If some 18-year-old from England on a gap year came home without trouble, there is no reason I wouldn’t too. You aren’t the first person to set off and explore the jungles of Asia. Columbus and Magellan had grounds to hesitate. You don’t.

There exists a well-worn tourist trail out there. There are visitors to assist you to. There are visitors to travel with. You aren’t likely to be alone.

And you aren’t venturing in to the true unknown.

You managed to get this far. In the event that you curently have one foot out the entranceway, why reverse now? Exactly what will you regret later in life: that you let your fears keep you home, or that you went traveling? Sometimes you merely have to do it now. Everything works out ultimately. Don’t reverse halfway. You are able to do this!

You are simply as capable as everybody else. I’m smart, I’m capable, and I’ve common sense. If other folks can travel the world, why can’t I? Why is me think I lack the abilities? I realized that there is no reason I couldn’t do what these other folks did. I was equally as good as everybody else.

Don’t doubt yourself. You have by in your daily life just fine now. The same will be true when you travel. Moreover, now hasn’t been a less strenuous time to travel because of all of the resources available online and all of the sharing economy websites that help connect you with other travelers.

Responsibilities can vanish super fast. Everyone uses “responsibility” as the primary reason in order to avoid travel. But that’s just your fear letting you know which you have things in the home that can’t be forget about. However, those responsibilities are simply just chains that hold you down. When I quit my job, I didn’t need to work anymore. When I canceled my bills, they disappeared. When I sold my car, the payments were gone. When I sold my stuff, I didn’t have any. We think that is all very complicated, but with a few calls, everything that held me back was gone, looked after. Suddenly, my responsibilities disappeared. Vaporized. It really is easier to slice the cord than you imagine.

You will see employment when you go back home. Another reason people get held back may be the belief that when each goes overseas, they’ll become unemployable. They worry that employers will dsicover a gap within their résumé rather than want to employ them. However in this globalized world, having experience with foreign cultures and folks is a genuine asset. So is showing you are independent, courageous, and capable. In the end, no one helps it be all over the world without learning these skills. Employers realize this and today look at travel as a positive thing that teaches intangible personal skills no business school ever could.

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You can make friends. People always ask me how I socialize on the highway. They tell me that they’re not so social and that it’s hard to allow them to meet strangers. The simple truth is that whenever you travel, you should never be alone. There are plenty of solo travelers out there in the same boat as you. You’ll find individuals who should come up and speak to you, even when you are too scared to move up to them. I used to be nervous speaking with strangers, however the fear subsides as you eventually recognize that everyone really wants to make new friends. And among those friends is you.

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You can always keep coming back. In the event that you make it 90 days into your trip and decide that long-term travel isn’t for you personally, it’s perfectly OK to go back home. There’s no shame in cutting your trip short. Maybe traveling isn’t for you personally, but you could not have known in the event that you didn’t try. There’s no such thing as failure in the wonderful world of travel. Travel teaches us a lot of things including, that sometimes, we don’t prefer to travel. Waking up and going is a lot more than a lot of people do, and if it isn’t for you personally, at least you tried. That alone is a significant accomplishment.


Fear can be an element that affects everything we do. Yes, fear is a wholesome biological response made to make certain we don’t do foolish things. But, in lots of ways, fear is why we never succeed. It’s scary leaving all you know and going in to the unknown. However, once you look at why you fear so much carrying it out, you’ll realize there’s no cause to be. You can travel. You have the capability. It’s much less hard as you imagine.

Don’t let fear win.

Note: This article was originally published in 2011 but redone and

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How exactly to Overcome Your Travel Fears in 7 SIMPLE ACTIONS