How exactly to Stay Healthy on the highway (Modified 2020)

I’m not really a healthy guy. OK, I am an extremely healthy guy when I am home in my own apartment with my juicer, kitchen, and nearby Whole Foods. On the highway, it’s another story.

Despite having the great expectations and goals I establish for myself a couple of years ago, I’ve failed at retaining a healthier lifestyle on the highway. While I make extra health-conscious decisions, I even now go out an excessive amount of, never sleep, and stuff my deal with with pizza since it is comfortable.

To attempt to change that, I achieved up with my pal Steve Kamb, the legend behind Nerd Fitness, a niche site dedicated to aiding nerds stay fit. Steve travels a whole lot also and he is aware how exactly to balance life on the highway with residing in shape.

We sat down together to speak about everything fitness and travel. Listed below are Steve’s top ideas for remaining healthy and in shape whilst travelling.

My Interview with Steve

For more travelling and fitness suggestions, here’s an interview with Steve I did so a couple of years ago. It’s filled with helpful tips and suggestions and expands on most of the details above.

In the event that you actually want to figure out how to stay static in shape (both in the home and abroad), view this video tutorial!


1. Help to make Healthy Living on the highway important! Yes, you DO have period to exercise; you merely have to make time for this. You can full a good work out in 20 moments in your accommodation or hostel applying basic exercises — and you don’t want any equipment!

Here are a few simple and successful exercises that you can do in your hotel, hostel, as well as only a nearby park:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Stretching/yoga

Even simply 5 minutes of the exercises could have you sweating. And you may literally perform these exercises anywhere as well. Where there’s a will, there’s a means!

2. Strolling for the Win! Do all you can to walk normally as possible. There’s no better method to explore a city than by walking. You get to ingest much more of the neighborhood life and it’s easier to move away from the crowds in this manner. Plus, it’s cheaper than going for a taxi or spending money on a bus ticket.

If just exploring randomly isn’t exciting, join a walking tour. Many cities will offer free of charge walking tours that always last between 1-3 time. Not only do you want to receive an insightful introduction to where you are but you’ll enter a whole lot of steps also!

3. Playgrounds and Parks Verify Google Maps for a nearby park and walk over there for your workouts. Various parks possess equipment you need to use to work through with, though if indeed they don’t that can be done pull-ups on swing sets or tree branches. Receive creative!

As well, check websites like for standard workout groups. Just about all cities have jogging clubs that host weekly works, yoga periods in the park, tai chi, and different sports/activities. Search around for to see when there is anything nearby that piques your interest and can help you stay productive.

Don’t hesitate to try new factors, either! Plogging (running and picking right up trash), slacklining, tumbling, parkour — you will find loads of unique options found if you spend a while searching.

4. Diet is definitely 80% of the Battle As a budget traveler, it’s likely that you’re operating hard to lower your meal budget. That likely implies that you’re not wanting to eat well. Consider boosting your food budget (actually slightly) so that you can consume healthier.

Get some good protein and veggies in what you eat! Don’t end up being afraid to do a wholesome “family supper” with hostel mates where you all split the price. You can also make an effort changing up your daily diet to better suit the neighborhood options. That method, you’ll be consuming more fresh make while supporting the neighborhood economy.

You may also make even more drastic adjustments to your daily diet aswell. It’s never been better to travelling with a plant-established diet plan and still remain healthy and energetic.

That doesn’t mean you must cut out all of the junk or cheap drinks. However your diet plan is the most significant component in terms of health. Spend money on it!

5. Do the very best You Can In the event that you only have ten minutes to exercise, training for ten minutes! Every little bit accumulates, and 10 a few minutes is preferable to nothing. When you have to take in poorly at the place, replace it the very next day.

By the end of your day, it’s about progress. Certainly not perfection. Do your very best. Lay the groundwork for better habits. Nothing takes place overnight, but every part of the right direction can help you achieve your goal.

6. Employ the “By no means 2” Rule In the event that you miss a time of exercise for reasons uknown, don’t allow you to ultimately miss two times in a row. In the event that you eat one negative meal, that next food should be healthy. By no means two in a row.

By using the “By no means 2” rule you’ll have the ability to prevent negative traits from taking keep. The odd time off or cheat food? No issue. But when it involves residing in shape, consistency is definitely key. Try to retain your momentum heading. You’ll see results more speedily that way, that may encourage you to remain on the right track.

7. HAVE A GREAT TIME! Don’t hesitate to possess late nights with friends or declare yes to crazy adventures. In the end, that’s why we travelling!

Just ensure you get right again on track immediately afterward which means you don’t eliminate the momentum you’ve developed. While it may seem complicated to balance fun and health, it just requires a little practice and work. Once you receive the habit set up, you’ll wonder why you didn’t commence sooner!


For more fitness hints and information, have a look at Nerd Fitness. It’s an excellent resource for travelers and non-travelers alike who would like to get fit and also have fun d

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How exactly to Stay Healthy on the highway (Modified 2020)