How to Go to Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan

I’m scared of heights. It’s not really much being huge up that scares me, it’s more worries of dropping. Hike with me up a mountain watching me stay a long way away from any border. I once went walking with a girlfriend and manufactured her move away from the border since it freaked me out an excessive amount of. She laughed at me but I was visibly scared. Driving a car along winding mountain roads as well freaks me out. I can’t take a seat on the street side of the automobile. Quite often I will only close my eyes and do not freak out! I simply got over my concern with roller coasters a couple of years ago. Any signal of turbulence within an airplane and my white colored knuckles grab the chair. Essentially, I don’t like being large up.

(The actual fact that onetime my plane dropped 20,000 feet in just a matter of occasions didn’t help issues, either!)

So that it was with just a little fear and trepidation that I visited go visit among the tallest buildings on earth: Taipei 101.

Development on the tower commenced in 1999 and was accomplished in 2004. From then before beginning of the Burj Khalifa this year 2010 it had been the tallest building on earth, standing an impressive 509 meters. The construction is designed to stand up to both earthquakes and typhoons, making the tower the most structurally sound properties in the united states — if not the community. Actually, an earthquake happened during building which toppled cranes and killed 5 people, however the setting up itself was undamaged.

The building itself type of looks like an enormous pagoda or a stalk of bamboo, stretching much above any other structures in the town. On New Year’s Eve, an epic fireworks display explodes from the setting up, which can be noticed all across the town.

Despite the fact that I don’t like heights, Taipei 101 is actually a view to behold. I visited the setting up on my very previous day surviving in Taiwan, and it had been majestic. I’ve usually seen the setting up as I relocated through the town and I’ve been near it as there will be numerous clubs in the encompassing district, but I’d never actually attended see inside it as well as noticed it in daylight.

But there it had been increasing up from the town in a wave of green. It’s just like a rocket ship.

Taipei 101 may be the most impressive contemporary structure I’ve ever before seen (and I reside in NYC, therefore I’m acquainted with epic structures!). It rises up and towers over the encompassing region. 101 is a lovely building built just like a bamboo reed. Construction started in 1997 and was finished in 2004. It’s the tallest setting up on the planet (well, it was before one in Dubai was constructed and now a straight taller structure will probably beat that) and, very well, I can’t claim this more than enough, quite impressive. It’s an extremely high-end construction, and its own offices and flats are for all those with funds. There’s as well the Taipei 101 mall, where you’ll find retailers like Dolce and Gabana, Prada, Armani, Gucci, and several high-end eating places. On my yesterday evening, I did take in at the sushi cafe here, and even though it expense me a lot of money, it was the very best meals I acquired in Taiwan.

Visitors can mind up to the 88th-91st floors and have a look outdoors at the surrounding town and mountains. Becoming the sadist I am, I purchased my ticket, waited in collection, and headed up the elevator. The elevator trip is actually actually fun. There’s a display that shows how quickly you’re moving and what your location is in the setting up. It requires about 30 mere seconds to proceed from bottom level to top. I actually experienced my ears pop just a little because you ‘re going so large up! I mean that’s insane!

Waking up to the 89th ground, I got to look at Taipei and the encompassing area in every its glory. It required me about ten minutes before I actually received up to the glass, however when I did so, I saw how amazing Taipei is definitely from above. The town type of reminded me of the overall game Sim City. All the buildings, flats, and commercial zones are organized so properly that they almost appear artificial from above.

After travelling and learning about the annals of the region, I headed up to the 91st ground, where one can actually go outdoors. There are huge pubs making sure persons don’t fall or leap off, and the wind in fact creates a noisy pitch when it techniques through the pubs. The watch isn’t that great as the iron bars type of block your watch, nevertheless, you can get an excellent watch of the tower which makes 101 the tallest building on the planet. In addition, it took me about ten minutes to access the advantage and after an image, I crawled back to the guts.

What I must say i liked experiencing was the building’s earthquake dampener. Down on the 88th floor, this big steel ball in the center of the building was created to support absorb any sway from strong winds or earthquakes. Before the ball is certainly this cool floor that’s touch hypersensitive. When you walk over it, clouds disappear showing Taipei. I got an OK video, however the tour teams that kept jogging by me generally got in my own shot. Take a look:

(It required me awhile but sooner or later, I made my method towards the windowpane for the watch. Yes, my fear is indeed irrational that I’ll am scared to visit the edge while in the setting up!)

General, Taipei 101 was gorgeous. It’s amazing to discover. It’s amazing. And it’s really remarkable to think that folks made that. Considering the technology and brand-new convinced that had to get into it, it creates your jaw drop. It’s by far probably the most impressive items I’ve ever before seen, and during the night, when it’s all lit up, it’s even now surreal.

Next time you’re in Taiwan, make sure you go to Tapei 101. You’ll come to be sorry if you do not!

How exactly to Visit Taipei 101

The tower’s address is certainly No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Highway, Xinyi District. The Observatory is certainly wide open daily from 9am-10pm, with previous ticket sale at 9:15pm. Tickets happen to be 600 NT for adults and 540 for pupils and kids (but free for small kids under 115cm). If you’re heading there to view the sunset, just be sure to receive there early on as it could sometimes get busy through the summertime.

To make it happen, take the MRT Crimson Line (Xin-Yi Range) to TAIPEI 101 Station and exit #4. You will get more info at the tower’s official internet site.

Book Your Visit to Taipei: Logistical Guidelines

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  • Formosa 101 — This hostel is situated right close to the Taipei Tower and the Tonghua Nights Market. They provide free breakfast and also have a relaxed lounge for soothing.
  • Meander Taipei — The staff here’s really beneficial and the beds happen to be comfy. They possess free breakfast along with other day to day activities available.

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How to Go to Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan