Essential Superstar Blogging Upgrade!

Hey everyone,

Some network news today:

You may already know, we’ve a media college called Superstar Running a blog, with programs on travelling blogging, vlogging, publishing, and photography. We began the program over four years back to help persons learn and grasp the abilities needed to flourish in the online travelling space.

After speaking with the additional teachers, we’ve made a decision to close the doors to brand-new students for the posting, photography, and vlogging training by January 31, 2020.

Now, if you’re previously in another of these three training or thinking about enrolling in one of these before that time, fear not! We’re even now likely to honor all our commitments to current and potential students, most of whom will even now get lifetime usage of the lessons (the training won’t be studied down and can still live on line). You’ll also still access any updates we concern and usage of the Facebook groups (and any existing Q&As contained in the training).

For the blogging training, enrollment will remain wide open. We will continue steadily to not simply run this program but also revise and expand it on a regular basis. In a nutshell, we’re honing our target and blogging will get our single priority.

(In the coming months, we’re as well going to provide a higher-tiered, small, and extra focused, mastermind variant of the course. It’ll add a a lot more in-depth, hands-on aspect and become limited to a little group. But extra on that when enough time comes!)

If you wish to become listed on our other three training, you have before end of the month to join up. After that, no different students will be acknowledged!

Should you have any questions, keep them in the responses.

Very best,

Nomadic Matt

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Essential Superstar Blogging Upgrade!